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Paco Baby

Michael “Paco Baby” Pena, originally from Tampa, Florida, relocated to Richmond, California, at the age of six. At the age of ten, he embraced rapping as a popular activity in his neighborhood and teamed up with his brother Kevin Pena and their friend Marcus.

In 2007, Paco Baby released his first single and music video titled “Paco Baby,” which gained recognition through airing on the vjtv show. Throughout his career, Paco has collaborated with notable artists such as B-Legit, Pee Wee (Digital Underground), Sean G (The Dangerous Crew), and Lil Ric, among others, who hail from the Bay Area.

Currently, Paco Baby is actively working with other fellow Slap Phactory family label mates, which include Kenya Lynn Harris, Za Za Baby, and Dap Daniel, among others. Additionally, he is preparing to release his own album, produced by Slap Phactory Productions. Stay tuned for more upcoming projects from Paco Baby.