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Kenyalynn Harris

Kenya Lynn Harris, hailing from the South Side of Richmond, is a versatile recording artist, songwriter, and actress. With a diverse musical taste, she draws inspiration from various genres but finds herself particularly drawn to Neo Soul and R&B. Influenced by iconic artists like Erykah Badu, Sade, and Jill Scott, Kenya’s musical journey began with her grandmother’s support.

Growing up in a close-knit church community surrounded by her blood relatives, Kenya’s career received a boost when Ms. Stevenson, a mentor, played a significant role in correcting her mistakes and teaching her the importance of consistency both on and off the stage.

Seeking an environment that fostered artistic growth, Kenya’s great grandmother took her to the East Bay performing arts center in Richmond, CA. There, she auditioned for their scholarship program, showcasing her talents in singing, dancing, and playing the piano. Kenya was awarded a scholarship and attended the program three times a week after school.

During her time at the performing arts center, Kenya not only honed her singing and dancing skills but also learned to play several musical instruments, including the piano, clarinet, bass clarinet, and bass guitar. Each instrument brought out different emotions during her creative songwriting process.

Kenya’s music aims to create a variety of vibes, ranging from fun and confident to introspective and authentic. She has collaborated with talented local artists from Richmond, CA, such as QU33N and ZAZA. Kenya is excited about the songs they have created together and looks forward to performing them live.

In 2023, Kenya has embraced her true self and is open to receiving the blessings that come her way. She is involved in multiple indie film projects with SBP Productions/DreamWeaver Pictures and Kontac. Two films she stars in, “Low Hanging Fruit” and “Finders Keepers,” are set for release in 2023. Additionally, Kenya and her team, Slap Phactory Productions, are consistently releasing great music and starring in exciting films.

Kenya’s EP, titled “Something 2 Smoke 2,” is set to drop in the summer of 2023. She will also be performing at the Continental Club in Oakland on Saturday Juneteenth (June 17th), where she looks forward to showcasing her talent alongside other exceptional artists.

Kenya Lynn Harris invites everyone to attend her live performances and get to know her true essence.