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Dap Daniel

Michael “Dap” Daniel, an accomplished Bay Area artist, songwriter, producer, and engineer, grew up surrounded by saxophones, drums, keyboards, and the perilous streets of Richmond, California.

The product of a strong spiritual upbringing and a dejected home-life impacted by drugs, Dap Daniel spent many of his adolescent years pouring out his frustrations on paper. With songs from influential artists like L.L. Cool J, Rakim, and Run-DMC emanating from his Filco radio, Dap’s affection for the sound and flow of music began to grow. In high school, Dap’s love for music deepened as he fine-tuned his skills through the school-run music engineering program, allowing him to master his keen sense of sound and further fuel his musical passion.

Using his production skills, Dap Daniel worked on projects for artists such as Mr. Kee, Dutch, Kevin Richardson (Backstreet Boys), Frontline, Erase-E, D. Ross, Certified Ryders, AP-9, and Flii Stylez, just to name a few. Dap’s musical collaborations included group projects and performances with Mr. Kee and Dutch as the rap group, F.E. (F*ck Everybody). Dap has also written for and recorded a song with Marcus Polk (TV show “Brandy”).

In 2005, Dap Daniel got his feet wet in the film industry biz when he wrote and recorded tracks for the Lions Gate Original Motion Picture and Soundtrack, RIZE. The soundtrack and movie, which received worldwide attention, also featured the vocals of Lauren Hill, Flii Stylz, Planet Asia, and Christina Aguilera. Following the success of RIZE and performances on the 3sixty5 Entertainment Group 2005 West Bound Tour, Dap Daniel extended his musical reach to U.S. and Japanese racing enthusiasts. Dap’s energetic tracks can be found on the pulse-pounding, adrenaline-packed documentary, Drift: The Sideways Craze, released in 2007. Dap has continued his passion for the film industry by producing his own movie soundtracks for the soon-to-be-released independent film “Finders Keepers,” written and directed by Beats by The Bay, owned and operated by longtime friend Stephen “kontac” Ashford.

Dap Daniel’s projects include his 2010 CD release, “Theme Music,” with distribution through Universal, backed by Realizme Entertainment. After an extended hiatus, he dropped C.O.A.C.H. in 2022, followed by his 2023 release called THE 333 Album, which is definitely a musical joyride and hip hop in its rare form.

Currently, Dap is showcasing some of his acting skills in the upcoming film “Low Hanging Fruit,” written and directed by SBP Productions / Dreamweaver Pictures, which will debut soon in 2023.